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Release of Liability - Duke Canine LLC *
By clicking "Agree" below in consideration of the services rendered by Duke Canine, LLC to my dog(s), I acknowledge reading, understanding and accepting the statements herein.
Agreement to Participate and Liability Waiver *
I understand that certain “activities” that my dog may participate in, including boarding, training, exercise, playtime, and transportation to and from Duke Canine, LLC involve risk and possible injury to my dog including but not limited to: • Motor vehicle accident during transportation • Sprains, strains, bites and broken bones • Exposure to parasites, viruses and other medical conditions that can be passed from dog to dog. • Allergic reactions I further understand that not all risk can be listed above, but nonetheless I agree that the benefits associated with the dog boarding and or training outweigh the possible risks. I hereby freely and voluntarily release Duke Canine, LLC from any and all liability claims, demands or rights of action.
Allergies, Medications, Injuries, Special Diet *
I agree to disclose to Duke Canine, LLC any allergies, medication, prior injuries or special dietary needs my dog may require while boarding and or training.
Authorization of Medical Care *
If my dog is ill or injured while in the care of Duke Canine, LLC and requires medical attention, Duke Canine, LLC will make every reasonable effort to reach me pursuant to the contact information I have provided. If in the event contact cannot be made, Duke Canine, LLC has the right to seek appropriate veterinary care and I accept any and all responsibility for associated expenses.
Photo, Video, and Social Media Consent *
I hereby consent to my dog being the subject of photographs and/or audiovisual recordings. I authorize Duke Canine, LLC to use these photos and videos for educational purposes and/or social media engagement. I hereby release Duke Canine, LLC of any and all claims for damages for libel, slander, invasion of privacy or any and all other claims based upon the described materials.
Aggressive Behavior *
I agree to disclose to Duke Canine, LLC any and all aggressive tendencies or behaviors my dog has exhibited in the past to humans, dogs, and all living things. This includes but is not limited to biting, growling, guarding and lunging.
Owner Responsibility *
I am solely responsible for implementing and reinforcing the training my dog received. I understand the degree to which my dog is successful upon completion of board and train is a matter of commitment, interest and cooperation by me, the owner. I acknowledge and agree that Duke Canine, LLC has not and will not make any guarantee that my dog will achieve a particular level of training. I am solely responsible for my dog’s behavior and wellbeing now and in the future. Should any behavior on my dog’s part now or in the future result in damages to property, or myself, or persons of a third party, I agree to assume full responsibility and I hereby freely and voluntarily release Duke Canine, LLC from any and all liability claims, demands or rights of action. In the event that I should re-home or transfer ownership of the dog, it is my responsibility to provide the new owner with the relative information about training. I will also provide the new owner with Duke Canine’s contact information to assist them in the transfer of the training methods and techniques used.
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